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Because I'm All About That Grace

>>"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." - Plato

>>Caitlin. You can call me Nama! Female, Pan, ISFP. Senior, 17. Texas. 8/11.

>>Waywood ruined my life. Eternally sobbing over Jonathan Morgenstern. Welcome to Michael Wayland Appreciation Life.

>>Personal blog. Multi-fandom.

Oct 19 '14
  • Mind: You're fucking worthless no one likes you
  • Mind: Don't even bother looking at that dress you will look like a whale in it
  • Mind: Why are you looking at him? He thinks you're ugly.
  • Mind: Cry because you're not worth it
  • Mind: Self harm because you're so pathetic
  • Mind: Starve because you're so fat
  • Mind: Jump because no one will care that you're gone
  • Friend: Hey are you okay?
  • Me: Yeah i'm fine just tired!
Oct 19 '14


just out of curiosity, reblog this if your family has ever made you feel bad about:

  • your weight
  • your interests
  • your friends
  • your taste in music 

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Oct 19 '14


really in the mood for receiving $50,000,000

Oct 19 '14

talk dirty to me


talk dirty to me

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Oct 19 '14

Why Children's Cartoons Should Be Taken Seriously

  • Danny Phantom: A 14-year-old boy with an already sucky life gets half-killed by his parents' stupidity, and has to try to keep up with his own life.
  • Fairly OddParents: A depressed 10-year-old is given a pair of magic fairies to help relieve him of all different forms of child abuse.
  • The Last Airbender: A 12-year-old boy is given the responsibility of saving the entire world by mastering a decade's worth of mystic skills in under a year.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy: Two children of undisclosed ages are confronted by death himself and make a deal with him, and go on a series of adventures in the underworld and are confronted by many deadly mythical creatures.
  • Adventure Time: The last surviving human of "The Mushroom War" lives in the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo with his adoptive brother, Jake, and battles evil and injustice.
  • How to Train Your Dragon: A teenage boy gives up the approval and acceptance of his father and culture to save the life of the only friend who loved him as he was, and in return loses his leg yet changes his world.
  • Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby have real nigga problems.
Oct 19 '14



hey guys, I just had a pretty cool idea. you know how next week (october 26- november 1) is asexual awareness week? it is INCREDIBLY important that everyone, asexual AND allosexual, makes it a Huge Freaking Deal. let’s make it blow up. let’s make it so that next year is asexual PRIDE, not AWARENESS. 

This is really important. Everyone deserves awareness and pride in their identity! Keep this in mind next week.

Oct 19 '14

her face is like “bet you fuckers never heard that one before”


her face is like “bet you fuckers never heard that one before”

Oct 19 '14



the only ship i need is a scholarship can i get a hallelujah


Oct 19 '14

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Oct 19 '14




Casual day in England

what the fuck

i have seen my future